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Mind And Markets Inc. is the first capital markets training company established with the goal to teach people how to benefit from the ever growing stock markets of Pakistan. The first company of its kind, not only in Pakistan, but in the world where an ex founder of a Wall Street investment bank, and the first Muslim in the history of the world to start an investment bank at the age of 29 years, has made it his life’s mission to teach people how to make money from the stock markets.

The general perception in Pakistan, when the founder moved here in 2009, was that the markets are only for people to gamble in it. For 4 continuous years, Mir Mohammad Ali khan travelled across Pakistan giving lectures to thousands of university students, professionals and others, educating them on the benefits of the markets and its role in any economy. Once this journey began, it had to turn into a structured professional platform, Mind And Markets, Inc, from where a lifelong mission of teaching the benefits of capital markets to all Pakistanis had to take shape.

This course was personally developed by Mir Mohammad Alikhan based on his 28 years of extremely successful experience in the international capital markets around the world where he studied the commonalities of successful investors and their habits.
Making money in the markets is not a difficult matter. But if there is no proper way of learning before you enter the market or even after entering them, you will lose money no matter how many years you keep yourself in it. There is a reason behind it and that reason is that if you basic understanding of the markets is wrong then you will keep repeating the same mistakes expecting profitable results.
Four Books, Two DVD’s and an online portal for you to log into every day so you can learn on a continuous basis. No course with just books alone can teach you the practical applications of the knowledge gained through the course unless you are being guided on a daily basis until you fully learn to invest on your own.
We provide Snapshot Of The Fundamental And Technical Analysis to further assist what you have read. After you finish reading The Financial Ocean, you will be given examples of how to identify a company on a fundamentally sound basis and if you are a Day Trader, how to identify basic trends through technical charting. You will have the most advanced charting available to you through our online portal for members only. As a course investor, you qualify automatically for being a portal member.
Most of the mistakes are made by investors due to the unfamiliarity of the market facts, trading platforms, market understanding etc. The best way to combat this and win is to trade and practice “Virtually” first. And for this purpose alone we have gone into a contract with a U.S. Based S&P Capital IQ Partner firm to not only provide the people to trade virtually to practice but also win a Rs 1 Lakh every month. This is not a brokerage house competition but rather a virtual competition only designed for Mind and Markets investors.
Online Portal has been developed to keep all the knowledge database on a single platform for our attendees to access. The reason it is designed is that once you finish the course, you can log in everyday as many times as you want to get practical tips, ideas, video interviews of CEO’s of listed companies, Technical analysis, Fundamental research reports, articles about the markets from around the world, Charting techniques, Daily calls, SMS and other alerts etc.
MirMak as your Market Mentor. The best thing you will have is the access to MirMak everyday so you can continue to learn the markets from him until you decide to go on your own. His personal favourite stocks for short and long term. His daily technical calls if you are a day trader. His free seminars (Only for the course investors) in all major cities around Pakistan with nothing further to buy at the seminar. Nowhere before in the history of capital markets has an Ex wall Street CEO has given direct access of himself to the investors on a daily basis, no matter where he is in the in the world, he will keep you guys updated through this portal.
There are four books will be provided to you to study and the names of which are as follows:

1. The Financial Ocean
2. Snapshot Of The Fundamental And Technical Analysis
3. Mind And The Markets
4. The Positive Pakistani

You can get registered with this course by visiting our website www.mindandmarkets.com or send your details via email to info@mindandmarkets.com. You may also call to our Contact Number 0341-6275387 or 0316-6275387 for further inquiries and registration details.
The whole course will cost attendees around Rs.19,999/- only
Yes. We have a system to conduct period exams for the course you attended and this exam is specifically designed to judge the level of competencies you earned in that program and then provide you a summary of your scores.