Mind And Markets Inc. is the first capital markets training company established with the goal to teach people how to benefit from the ever growing stock markets of Pakistan. The first company of its kind, not only in Pakistan, but in the world where an ex founder of a Wall Street investment bank, and the first Muslim in the history of the world to start an investment bank at the age of 29 years, has made it his life’s mission to teach people how to make money from the stock markets. The company not only markets its home study course for individuals to learn, it also conducts trainings for the capital markets’ industry professionals to bring them up to the international standards.

The general perception in Pakistan, when the founder moved here in 2009, was that the markets are only for people to gamble in it. For 4 continuous years, Mir Mohammad Alikhan travelled across Pakistan giving lectures to thousands of university students, professionals and others, educating them on the benefits of the markets and its role in any economy. Once this journey began, it had to turn into a structured professional platform, Mind And Markets Inc. from where a lifelong mission of teaching the benefits of capital markets to all Pakistanis had to take shape.

The world’s largest and the most vibrant financial markets are Wall Street based. Trillions of dollars exchange hands every week. 7 out of 10 people are directly or indirectly invested in the markets and benefit from it their entire life. The company’s goal is to bring the same principles of investments into the main stream Pakistan where an average person, learns, understands the capital markets in the simplest of manner, and makes money for himself.